2019 Lowell Herb Co. Spot
Title: "Finally"
Duration: Long form - 90 seconds
Starring: Bella Thorne, Lowell Herb Co. Farmers
Director: Cutter Hodierne
Voice Over: Sasha Lane
Producers: Winnie Wong, Katelyn Partlow, Lowell Herb Co.
Executive Producer: Jeremy Albucher

Lowell Herb Co. is the leading cannabis brand in California with the #1 selling pre-roll. Honoring the state’s great pioneer farm culture of growing cannabis naturally, Lowell Herb Co. is known for premium, organic products that are thoughtfully packaged in sustainable and recyclable materials. The company’s heritage dates back a century to William “Bull” Lowell’s cannabis farm in California’s rich central coast, inspiring the iconic Lowell Herb Co. bull farmer brand image. Today, the craftsman legacy of Bull Lowell is evident in the flowers grown only with organic fertilizer, and completely free of synthetic pesticides. And his agrarian spirit lives on with Lowell’s community of farmers, who earn a proper living wage. With a deep-rooted belief in fairness and a pension for social justice, Lowell Herb Co. actively employs recently pardoned, nonviolent offenders convicted of cannabis-related crimes.